In recognition of my efforts

I have received several titles, diplomas and medals, including one from the Galapagos National College for my contribution to Galapagos.

About me

I was born on mainland Ecuador in the city of Ambato on August 2, 1949. At age 10 I travelled to San Cristobal, Galapagos. This was my first contact with this beautiful island.  I have worked as a sailor, cook, captain of small boats and physiotherapist.


My first experience as an author was “Bitácora sin Destino” (Captain’s log without Destination) in which I tell the story of my personal experience of being lost at sea.


My book documents the journey of six Galapagos fishermen adrift for 77 days without supplies before finally being rescued near Costa Rica.


You can buy my book for just $50 including shipping and in doing so you will help support the Nicotine Kills Program



Alternative therapies

If you visit Galapagos you can also benefit from my alternative therapies.



- Lymphatic drainage

- Acupressure

- Reflexology

- Muscle relaxation